The disconnected experience; where it went wrong

Guest Blog by Shari Thompson / November 19th 2014

Having been involved in traditional marketing for my whole career, I am aware of the online and offline experience and how they join up – or are supposed to. Service design and delivery is one of my biggest bugbears and one that I try to impart on people I work with at any given opportunity. You see most people ignore the experience from the end-users point of view in the offline world and systems and processes are set up based on what is most efficient for the business.

Switch to an online world and the reverse is true. More and more focus is placed on the user experience – and quite rightly so! Teams are created to focus on the user experience and every element of it including the design, the flow, the compulsory stages, the language, the EMOTION of the process is broken down and examined AND tested in detail. The result for the end user is at worst hassle free and at best an experience they want to share and repeat.

This all got me thinking … what is the difference between the online and offline world of user experience?

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