September 25th 2015 . Approx 9am - 5.30pm . The Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn

A full day conference of web and technology talks

Come and join us for one of the web industry’s friendliest conferences, and stay for one of the UK’s most beautiful towns.

This September, 240 people from just about every sort of digital job will join us in the ‘Shire’ for a world-class, full-day web conference. Entrepreneurs, professionals and geeks of every description will share what makes things faster, stronger, and better in the town of Darwin’s birth.

This is the (R)Evolution’s 6th year, and we’re proud to say: It keeps getting better!

Whether you’re a web industry veteran or just starting your career, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to be part of one of the friendliest web conferences the UK has to offer! For full details including talk outlines and the schedule for the day visit


Venue: The Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn
SY3 8FT Shrewsbury
United Kingdom

01743 281281 - @