Introducing… Workshops!

Unlike the chosen image suggests, we are not holding wood-working workshops (although we would certainly consider it if there was interest). Instead, in May we will be hosting the first two (of what we hope will be many) workshops. These first workshops will be focussing on WordPress at varying levels:

Run by the uber talented Rachel McCollin, author of WordPress – Pushing the Limits, these will be for two very distinct skill sets. The first will be a beginner to intermediate level workshop for those that manage or contribute to WordPress websites but want to know more, and the second will be a more advanced level that will take an in depth look at WordPress theme development.

These are not the only workshops we plan to host though, as I said, we hope to be able to host many more. We already have two workshops based around Drupal for similar audiences planned for the coming months, and the brilliant Laura Kalbag (you may remember her from (R)Evolution last year, where she gave a fantastic talk on website accessibility) has agreed to come back up to Shropshire and run a workshop towards the end of the year as well. How awesome is all of that?

We may be starting with a subject I know very well, but here at Shropgeek, we want to create great quality events that you want to attend. We have lots of ideas for future workshops but if there is a topic, skill, or technology that you would like to learn more about, then we want to hear from you. It may be that you would like to learn about AngularJS, or product photography, or Ruby development, or content strategy or maybe you really do want that workshop on wood-working.

Whatever it is, drop us an email at: [email protected], tweet us or post a message in our facebook group and we will endeavour to find the best person to an awesome workshop for you.

Shropgeek Workshops
Written By: Kirsty
Posted on: 4th Apr 2014