New brand and website for Shropgeek

Its been a long time coming but… (drum roll please) …we can finally unveil the new logo and brand for Shropgeek. TADA!!!

We are really excited about this. Shropgeek, may be into its 6th year now but we have never had one, unified brand before. For a long time we did have a simple WordPress blog which was my (Kirsty’s) first ever WordPress design and build. It worked for a while but at the time, we were only organising monthly socials, and therefore the simple blog post format turned out to be really hard to maintain. After all, how many different ways are there to review a night out in the pub?

Shropgeek has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2008 though. With us hosting more and more events we decided it was time the website had a face lift and a proper brand was created. But, it needed to be something worthy of the events we now host…

Enter  the uber talented Stina Jones, who created the logo for us (She is also the illustrator behind the iconic 2013 (R)Evolution illustration). I’m sure you’ll all agree,  the new logo is AWESOME !! We are so happy with it, Zach has been quoted as wanting it as a tattoo! ~ grin!

The new website was a different challenge, it needed to house all of the Shropgeek goings on, firmly establish the brand and style, and not be shameful in comparison to the new logo. No pressure then!

Designed and built by me, it was a good excuse to experiment with some new techniques and applications that I really hadn’t had much chance to tinker with on client work. Which was fun! It is still built on WordPress though and uses Advanced Custom Fields to create a lot of the different layouts without having to create separate templates for each (there will be blog posts about the design and build of this site coming soon).

From here on, this website will be the place to check when upcoming events are happening, it will replace the need for the current page and will also replace the separate Shropgeek Rebellion website. Any other events we host or websites created for Shropgeek (for example (R)Evolution Conference) will include our shiny new logo in a “Shropgeek Presents…” capacity. Think of it as a seal of quality.

Hope you all like the new brand as much as we do! 🙂

Original Shropgeek Website

Remember this? The first iteration of the Shropgeek website built in 2009

Official new shropgeek logo
Written By: Kirsty
Posted on: 16th Feb 2014