The Difficult Third Album

Guest Blog by Martin Wright / October 14th 2014

The difficult third album has long been part of music lore, but I know from experience, it’s not restricted to the music business.

A raw, exciting debut, followed by a more mature, ambitious release is exactly how I’d describe the first two sites I designed for Shropgeek’s (R)evolution conference. The second, for 2013, was one my favourite sites I’ve designed, and it was going to be difficult to follow, and I knew it, which is probably why I turned Kirsty down for a third outing. But a few flattering emails later and I was signed up again, what designer doesn’t fall for flattery?

Accompanying 2012’s site was a fresh brand and a responsive design, it had the benefit of novelty. 2013 took it further, establishing the conference as a serious, day long event, pushing the evolving the brand and finding a distinctive visual style. (R)evolution is no longer an upstart event, it has become established, attracting large numbers of attendees and top shelf speakers, and last year it was a nominee for a .net award. So where could I go with the site for 2014?

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