Shropgeek was originally started in 2008 by Zach Beauvais and Dean (Leu) Thorne. The idea was simple – a ‘tweetup’ once a month for like-minded geeks from around Shropshire. It would welcome anyone with that spark of the hacker about them: from developers and designers to enthusiasts and creative-types.

It was a bit of an experiment to see how many fellow geeks there were. The results were surprising, to say the least. Shropshire has a lot of interesting people!

Sadly Leu passed away on 18th September, 2009. However, after a break, a fellow regular Kirsty Burgoine stepped in to help organise the tweetups.

Friday, 24th September, 2010 saw the first Theory of (R)Evolution event hosted by Shropgeek. Held at The Boathouse, in Shrewsbury, we were once again pushing boundaries and testing to see if there was enough interest in the county for events of this nature. It was a huge success with tickets selling out 6 weeks before the event.

After organising the (R)Evolution for three years, we found that we could no longer find venues large enough to hold everyone, and let it remain a relaxed, evening do.

So, with a tweak to the name and a new format, the first full day (R)Evolution web conference was born on September 26th 2013. And it was a joyous occasion! 🙂


Now, the Shropgeek network is bigger than ever. Kirsty Burgoine is still one of the main organisers, with help from Shropgeek regular Pete White and support from many of the attendees.

We still hold our monthly social on the first Friday of each month, at The Alb in Shrewsbury. We also host the quarterly Rebellion, in the spirit of the original evening do – The Theory of (R)Evolution. And, our national web conference (R)Evolution is now an annual event which Zach returns to MC.

We also have a lot more ways to stay in touch too. Twitter is still the first place we announce our events, but we have embraced other media and have an active Facebook group and a mailing list.

Shropgeek has grown into a fantastic community of people. No matter what we do in future, the ethos has always been, and always will be: to create fun, engaging events that are a great opportunity to socialize and meet like-minded people working in all industries with no pressure of networking.