We all know that ShropGeek has an amazing community of people genuinely passionate about I.T., tech and the creative industries. Each year ShropGeek plays host to at least 5 events, not including our monthly social. At the time of writing this, only one of those events is not free for people to attend. In order to continue this, we need your help:

Why should you support ShropGeek?

We know you are probably bombarded with offers of sponsorship so we are going to tell you what makes us so special and why you NEED to be involved:

  • Great exposure to a very targeted, passionate and engaged audience
  • Your website will get clicks and visits and enquiries and Google kudos – you know the drill
  • Credibility of your brand
  • Association with ShropGeek as an authority
  • More than one sponsorship opportunity available with some packages*
  • A warm feeling inside of supporting such an inspiring group 😉

Without the help and support of both businesses and people willing to give up their time, ShropGeek couldn’t happen.

Convinced Yet?

We have a number of ways you can get involved:


Firstly, we always need more people to help out at our events, or even run them for us. If you have an idea for something you think the ShropGeek community would be interested in, then get in touch and tell us about it. It could be anything from a trip to the cinema, go-carting, geeky BBQ, or helping out at one of our already established events.

Micro Sponsorship

Every event we organise has the option for you to purchase a micro sponsorship ticket no matter whether its a free or a paid event. Not everyone that comes to ShropGeek works for a big corporation so this allows individuals and small businesses to show their support as well. This type of sponsorship helps make sure we have a budget for things like food and sometimes even a bar tab too at Rebellion and other events. We always shout about our micro sponsors at the events and include them on our website too. And of course we love them forever! 🙂

Annual Sponsorship of our Rebellion Meetups

Each year we do approximately 4 Rebellion events. These evenings of talks are free to attend, regularly attract between 30-40 people and cover a wide range of topics. We consider them to be equally as important as the big conference and like to invite speakers into the county as well as giving people a little closer to home the opportunity to have a go. In order to do this, we need to be able offer to pay for travel and accommodation expenses for speakers and therefore need regular sponsorship. Any money left over goes toward food and the occasional bar tab as well.

What we are looking for ideally, is two companies that would be willing to pay £100 each per meetup and commit to sponsoring 4 at a time. I wrote a blog post about what we need here.

ShropGeek TV

You may have noticed that from time to time we have put up videos of the talks done at ShropGeek events. We would like to do that for all of our events so that we can continue to give back to the community. In order to do this we need to pay for someone to do the filming and then edit each together to include sound and slides from the presentation, and of course the annual cost of hosting on Vimeo needs to be covered too. Therefore we would ideally like to find two companies that would be willing to pay £150 each per event and commit to sponsoring 4 meetups at a time. If you are interested in helping to create great content for a fantastic community then get in touch.

Tell all your friends!

And of course, ShropGeek events would be no fun at all if people didn’t turn up! The more people that come along the better! 🙂