Chainsaws are awesome (but lethal)

I know this is a bit of a curved ball but I reckon you, my fellow geeks, would enjoy a 20 minute talk about chainsaws and it might even save you an arm one day.

My hobby is managing a woodland near Whitchurch. I have become a qualified & insured chainsaw user and could if I so desired I could do professional woodland work, but I’m not getting any younger and the pay isn’t that great so I stick with web tech.

I propose to bring my saws along – drained of fuel so there’s no H&S risk – and talk through the engineering, the amazing torque, cutting power, the different types of chain, the protective gear (and the amazing science behind it) and generally geek out about an amazing piece of technology that is basically a motorbike engine driving a lethal-cutty thing.

I’ll also briefly touch on safety. I f you are ever using one in your garden how to save your arm or more.

Vroom vroom!

Written By: Kirsty
Posted on: 4th Jan 2015