Fancy yourself a bit of a scribe?

I’ve been saying this a lot this year, Shropgeek is evolving and making some pretty big changes to what we offer. Don’t panic, the social is never going to stop (unless people stop showing up of course! – but even then, I’m stubborn and would probably still go!), instead we are introducing lots and lots of really cool new stuff. YAY! ~ grin!

One such new thing is guest blog posts.

You see, we have this really lovely area on the website, already conveniently called Articles (anyone would think this wasn’t a coincidence…) which would be just perfect for all you super talented people to write stuff in! How perfect is that?

Joking aside, this has always been the original intention of the articles section, and the Shropgeek website in general. We have an amazing community of people, and have had lots of equally amazing people come in to the county to speak at our events too. Which means we have an unbelievable wealth of knowledge at our finger tips.

The events we organise go some way towards tapping into that knowledge and sharing it with others, but that’s just a few people within a room full. What about everyone else?

And so, we are asking you guys to step up and write an article for the Shropgeek website.

There are some limitations though. To make sure the articles are always of interest, this will be curated by me (Kirsty) and the author has to have been involved in Shropgeek in one way or another. Which if you think about it, seven years on, it doesn’t really exclude many people 🙂

The articles will be posted on the website once every two weeks to start with, so as not to overload you with information, and there will also be a compendium email sent out once a month (2 weeks after our news email so we are not spamming you guys). There will also be the opportunity to sponsor the guest blog emails (but not the news ones).

There will be times where I invite people to write, usually people speaking at an event or running a workshop but I would also really like you guys to share your ideas with me too. If you are interested in writing and have attended, or been involved with, Shropgeek in some way over the years then drop me an email at [email protected]

Topics are not limited to the web industry, Shropgeek has a much wider audience and we really want this section of the website to reflect that. Therefore, if you think you have something you could share then please drop me an email. It can be as geeky or as non-geeky as you like, the only prerequisite on subject matter is you think the Shropgeek audience would find it interesting.

So, much like (R)Evolution (our flagship conference), this is a call to arms…

Share your knowledge and help make the digital industry stronger and better than ever before!

Want to join the conversation? comment in our facebook group or tweet us 🙂

Written By: Kirsty
Posted on: 1st Jul 2014